“The Carrot and the Potato” Hassle Free Fabrics for Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

“The Carrot and the Potato” Hassle Free Fabrics for Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

Now is the time of year when families are winding down the school year and starting to relax in the backyard or plan for a summer vacation.  I want to remind you that it is also a great time to spruce up that patio furniture.  And what better way to do it than with all the wonderful new types of outdoor fabrics?  But which one will really hold up to sunlight, pool water and food spills?

The best type of outdoor fabric is made of “solution dyed acrylic”.  What this actually means is that the fabric is made of yarn that comes from fibers that start as a liquid. The liquid is dyed with the desired color before it is extruded into yarn.   A great analogy I once heard was from Ron Smith with Kravet Fabrics.  He said, “Think of a potato.  When you slice into it, it is white on the inside and brown on the outer layer.  Now picture a carrot. When sliced, it is orange all the way through.”  This is how the yarn from solution dyed acrylic looks also. Because fibers from solution dyed acrylic are colored all the way through, they can withstand all types of weather or stains and they are easy to clean.  You can literally pour bleach on this type of fabric and still not remove the color.


Solution dyed acrylic fabrics are also a great choice for interior furniture for families with young children…or teenagers for that matter!  And the industry has produced so many great textures and colors, it is practically unlimited. I hope you will think of us when you are ready to make a change on your patio or in your home.   Until next time…

Click here to see a fun video on outdoor fabric durability!