The Toughest Design Question Winner!

08 Sep The Toughest Design Question Winner!

Our award for the best design question goes to Susan in South Pasadena.  Susan asked what the best possible way to “see” the designer’s concept for their project might be.  Great question!  Thanks Susan!

I can tell you that one of the presentation tools that we use in design is called photo realistic rendering.  With the help of computer software, we can input all of the technical information about the design such as the wall treatment, textile information, furniture, lighting, etc. The software then produces a picture so real, sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference.  This takes time and usually requires a few passes to get it just right.  It is not an inexpensive process as a result.

Photo realistic rendering is something that we include in our presentations when warranted.  Our client may have trouble envisioning what we are proposing, or we may be asked by the client to include this type of rendering.

Our beach front living room, featured on our home page of our website is actually a photo realistic rendering!  Take a closer look?  Fooled your eyes?  That’s the idea! This rendering was dreamed up by me and then created as a rendering by Vizsource in San Diego.  They do beautiful work.


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