Summer’s Coming!

Summer’s Coming!

Summer is almost here.  Are you ready?  How’s that patio looking?  There are many beautiful new “outside” fabrics which work both inside your home and out.  The difference is the way they are made.  You may have heard the term “solution dyed acrylic”?  What this means is that the fibers from which the yarn is made is actually started as a liquid, then dyed, then made into yarn and woven into fabric.  Because of this process, the fiber is colored all the way through.  If you were to slice it open with a knife, you would see the same color throughout.







Kravet  Soleil Lifestyles


That’s what makes this type of fabric so great for outdoor (and indoor) use.

You will have a very hard time staining it!  BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, red wine…..clean right up!

These fabrics resist mold and mildew too.  What a great way to take the stress out of entertaining, right?

There are many terrific looking and feeling fabrics that are made this way.  You’ll even find a fuzzy chenille or for those cool nights around the fire pit, a soft inviting throw blanket-all made with solution dyed acrylics.  The possibilities are endless.

I only wish that summers were!

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