Smart Clients

Smart Clients

Recently, a young real estate agent called me to inquire about having a photorealistic rendering done for a property he was selling.  He wanted me to redesign the property in order to illustrate for a potential buyer, what the home might look like after a renovation. Kind of clever right?  Maybe on it’s surface.  But let’s think this idea through…

It actually takes many hours to create a realistic rendering.  We don’t just dream one up!  We follow the same design practices such as measuring, drafting, code checks, selecting new materials, etc. to arrive at the finished product. Modeling and photo realistically rendering the design concepts happen after the home is properly designed.  The entire process is involved and costly in terms of design time.

But even more worrysome is the idea of rendering a “make-believe renovation” without going through the design process.  What if that agent had sold the ideas to a client and then– reality set in because they discovered the design wasn’t feasible for one reason or another? Not so clever now right?

This past week, I am working with some new and very smart clients; a husband and wife with a young daughter.  They’ve hired me to consult with them on a home they are considering purchasing.  How smart is that?  Hire an expert to walk through and share solid ideas about how to make changes to the home in order to fit their own needs?  I am very impressed by their willingness to invest in my time to be their second pair of eyes and to give expert advice on what may be possible.  I know they will end up with the home of their dreams!

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