For All The DIY Enthusiasts

23 Jul For All The DIY Enthusiasts

For all those who love design and decorating as much as we do, I thought it might be fun to post a couple of Q & As recently published on

“Why are there a million paint colors and how do I pick just one?”

There are many ways to approach a color palette.  But just like plumbing and lighting, paint is not something one can select on its own.  May factors enter into this decision as well.

I suppose there are so many colors because variety is the spice of life!  We are all so individual; can you imagine if all of our homes looked the same way? How boring would that be?  Paint (color) is just one way to express one’s own personality.  And color can also reflect the way we want to feel, especially in our own homes.  For me, the colors in nature, particularly water is what draws me.  I am calm around soft blues and greens.  Mix them with one color or another and the result can be very different.

As designers, people often want us to begin with the paint color.  We tell them that paint can be custom mixed in any color we desire and it’s really best to plan out the entire room and scheme before taking this step.

“There are way too many options for faucets and lighting finishes.  How do I pick a house full of these?”

Glad you asked!  When choosing plumbing and lighting, it is best to consider the finishes within the entire home if possible.  But, I would say that you could have a little fun with mixing metals from room to room. Consider what is seen from one room to the next.  Mixing can be fun if you don’t overdo it.  So, if you really love the new light satin golds, for instance, use them in a room that is off the path from the others.  Maybe it’s your master bathroom or a powder room.

Be consistent with style.  Consider your home as well as your personal style.  If it’s contemporary that you like, choose faucets that are simple and possibly geometric or angular.  Next, if your faucets are in a polished chrome finish, choose light fixtures that are also polished chrome, simple and geometrical also.  Notice details like the base of the faucets.  Are they round?  Square?  Next consider the light fixtures.  Are the back plates round or square also?   The two don’t have to match entirely, they just need to relate in some way.

What burning design questions do you have?  Contact us at the bottom of our home page to let us know.  We’ll be glad to answer!