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Professional interior design services for a fraction of the cost.

Are you planning a DIY Project?


But you don’t want to go it alone? Now…you don’t need to!


Everyone loves a good DIY project—But sometimes, DIY can mean a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. Maybe you saw a great chair while out shopping but you’re not sure if it will fit your room? And how will the style of that chair blend in with your current furniture? So now…you’re feeling overwhelmed? These are questions that are especially hard to answer while on the go.


With Talianko Online Interiors you can still do-it-yourselfand get it done with just the right amount of professional design help.


With our online design service, we’ll give you the expert assistance you need to make your home everything you’ve ever dreamed of. No more costly or embarrassing mistakes. It’s like having a professional designer in your back pocket!

With Talianko Online Interiors you’ll receive:


  • Our Welcome Letter to You
  • Your Homework Kit with Instructions
  • 15-Minute Get-to-Know-You Phone Call with One of Our Professional Designers
  • One Furnishings Space Plan
  • One Key Wall Elevation
  • Story Boards to Show You How It All Works Together
  • Budget with Shopping List
  • Color Palette
  • Paint Plan if Requested
  • 30-Minute Presentation Phone Call with One of Our Professional Designers
  • One or Two Minor Reselections/Revisions to the Finished Plan
  • An Invitation to our Facebook Discussion Group
  • Club Membership to Our eBook Library
  • Online 24/7 Access to Your Completed Project for “On The Go” use


In addition you’ll receive:


All of these services come at a fraction of the cost of a full service interior design firm!


The best part is that after you have received your finished design package, YOU are in control. Pay for and complete the components of your design your way—and on your own time.


Let Talianko Online Interiors provide you with everything you need to make your project flawless, perfectly planned, and EASY to complete.


All you’ll need to do to get started is to measure the square footage of your room or rooms of choice, and select the package size you need. Then make your purchase.


After paying for your online design package, you’ll be directed to information on how to complete the components we’ll need to start your project. This is where the fun begins. It’s time to get started!


To learn more specifics, please see the FAQ’s below, or email us at info@taliankodesigngroup.com

No more struggle and doubt when we’re a part of your team.

Why choose Talianko Online Interiors?


Have you decided to re-design a room in your home but you’re feeling overwhelmed at the number of choices? Has it been a while since you tackled this type of project and it seems daunting? Do you need help knowing where to shop? Talianko Online Interiors is an affordable alternative to full service interior design. Let our online design professionals create your space for you. We’ll provide you with everything you need. From budgeting, storyboards, space plans, links, and a shopping list, we’ve got this! Our job is to make it easy for you. We’ll walk you through everything to complete your project— seamlessly. All you’ll need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your new room plan to arrive!


What is included in your service?


Talianko Online Interiors Service includes the following: (1) Welcome Letter (2) Homework Kit with Instructions (3) 15 Minute Get-to-Know-You Phone Call with One of Our Designers (4) Furnishings Space Plan (5) One Key Wall Elevation (6) Preliminary Budget/Shopping List (7) Story Board (8) Color Palette (9) Paint Plan if Applicable (10) 15-Minute Follow-Up Phone Call with One of Our Designers (11) One or Two Minor Reselections/Revisions to the Finished Plan. (12) A link to all of our How-To Videos. (13) An invitation to join our FREE eBook Club (14) An invitation to our Facebook Group “TDG Interiors 101”


How do I get started?


We’ll start by sending your Homework Kit. The kit will include instructions on how to measure and photograph your room and a questionnaire to help us understand your lifestyle needs. In addition, we’ll give you options for uploading all of the required materials so we may begin working on your project right away.


How will you understand my personal style, and how will your team get to know me?


Upon purchasing our service, you’ll receive our Lifestyle Questionnaire as part of your Homework Kit. We’ll also ask you to send us a few inspirational photos to better understand your style. Once we’ve received your completed Homework Kit, a 15-minute initial phone call will be scheduled so that we can get to know you personally and to make sure we are clear about our mission!


How will I know the cost of my furnishings?


In our questionnaire, we will outline a typical budget in three pricing levels. You’ll want to choose the level that best fits your needs. While we will do our best to accommodate your budget, it is not an exact science. You’ll have complete control over when and what to purchase from your design plan.


Do I purchase my own furnishings?


You are welcome to do your own purchasing or in some cases, we can make arrangements to purchase for you through our office. Please keep in mind that it is our goal to recommend the most appropriate products for your home and budget.


How do I reach you during the process?


E-mail is our preferred form of communication. You may also use our contact page at taliankodesigngroup.com/contact-us/. Once we have begun working on your project, we do ask that you hold any further correspondence until the follow-up consultation phone call. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to speak to us before the follow-up phone call, our normal hourly rate of $200.00/ Half-Hour may apply.


What if I change my mind? May I request a refund?


You may receive a full refund within seven calendar days of your original purchase. However, once we have begun working on your project, no refunds can be offered.


May I switch the room I want designed after I have already purchased your service?


As long as work has not begun and it is within seven calendar days of your original purchase, you may switch which room you want us to design by emailing us at info@taliankodesigngroup.com. If the new room’s square footage exceeds that of the original room, you’ll need to pay the difference. If the square footage is less, we will refund you the difference.


How long will it take to get my designs back?


We will have your design plans back to you within approximately 6 weeks. This period begins once we have rec’d back your competed Homework Kit and we have a solid understanding of your project needs.


For an additional 25% of the design fee, we are able to have your design back to you within 2-3 weeks. Please select the 25% Rush- charge option at Checkout.

What we’ll need from you:


  • Select your room size and make your purchase.
  • Sign our Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Online Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Measurements of your space
  • Photos of your space
  • Photos and measurements of furnishings you’d like to keep in the room
  • A few inspiration images to help us understand your design style
  • All of your work saved in a digital folder and emailed back to us when complete


That’s it! Then sit back and let us take the wheel!

Terms & Conditions


Talianko Online Interiors is a service that will provide me with a complete room plan to include a scaled and dimensioned furnishings space plan, one key-wall elevation, a story board, a shopping list of items within the space plan, a color palette and a paint plan.


I also will receive an invitation to join a private FB group with Talianko Online Interiors as host. In addition, I’ll have access to several How-To videos on design and decoration. And I will receive a full set of eBooks from Talianko Design Group, LLC.


I am responsible for paying for my plan 100% upfront. Refunds are allowed for up to 7 calendar days of purchase and provided my project has not begun at Talianko Online Interiors. I may also change my room to another room if it is within 7 calendar days of purchase and my project has not begun at Talianko Online Interiors.


A standard 6-week turnaround time is needed to complete my project. This period begins when I have returned my completed homework kit to Talianko Online Interiors. I may also request an additional rush-charge of 25% of my purchase cost if I require that my plans be completed within 2-3 weeks instead of the normal 6-week lead-time.


I will be responsible for providing accurate room dimensions, room photos and at least 3 inspirational photos. I will also be required to send back the lifestyle questionnaire within 2 weeks of payment.


Upon submitting my materials, I will receive a 15-minute initial consultation via phone/Facetime or Skype with a designer at Talianko Online Interiors. The purpose of this call will be to get-acquainted and to review all of the materials I have submitted and to ensure they are complete.


I will receive an email alerting me to the fact that my plan is completed. I will be asked to schedule a call in order to discuss the plan I’ve received. This will be a 30-minute presentation via phone/Facetime or Skype. It will be my opportunity to ask questions about the room plan I have received and if needed, to request one or two minor revisions or substitutions. Further revisions to the plan may result in added design time and therefore regular hourly fees may apply. This would be discussed with me before the designer would proceed.


I will be responsible for purchasing and receiving all items on my plan and the plan’s shopping list will be my guide. Talianko Online Interiors will make every effort to stay within the budget level that I have chosen but it is not a 100% guarantee.


Talianko Online Interiors has the capability in some instances to purchase for me and to ship, receive and install my items but this service is outside of the Talianko Online Interiors program and will be quoted to me separately.


Talianko Online Interiors will need approximately 6 weeks to complete my plan. I may only communicate via email once work has begun on my project. If I need more time with a designer at Talianko Online Interiors, it is possible to pay $200.00 per half-hour to do so.


I understand and accept the terms and conditions of Talianko Online Interiors Service.

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