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We take care of all of the details for you. By listening carefully to your requests, we take the time to thoroughly understand your needs. And in the end, we want you to be happy and content in your new surroundings.

What impressed us the most, apart from their knowledge and perceptiveness to our needs, is that they don't push for more business and more charges.
Ray and Jennifer Tse
Home Owners
In my book, Debbie and her team of designers acquired more than the 5 stars Houzz allows.
Francisco Garcia, P.E.
Structural Engineer, FJ Engineering + Design
Her ability to deliver beautiful designs to choose from for our master suite was great. She not only had our style down, but also had creative solutions for getting the most out of our limited bathroom space.
Sheryl Lefmann
Home Owner

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Why Us?

“Our goal is to turn your home into a haven.”

“People have an address, but they don’t always have a home.  And so what our firm does is take a place where our clients live, and make it a place they call home.  One that let’s them put their best selves out there.”


We blend clean, refined lines with quiet, meaningful details–and so our rooms make sense together.


We pay attention to every detail, which gives you a seamless, finished look throughout your home. This creates a quiet background that lets you move from room to room with a sense of calm contentment.


We’re about creating a home that feels like vacation from your day.

So the kids have flown the coop. You’ve spent many years taking care of everyone else. Are you ready to do something nice for yourselves? We can help.

Work is done. Now what? Travel? Entertain? Move to a new home? Maybe you’d like to stay where you are? Let us help you transform your home into something that represents this next phase of your life.

Kids take so much of your time. You’d really like a home that you don’t need to worry about, right? We can design a stress and worry free environment for the entire family!

You’ve turned the page and you are making a fresh start. This is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and your home. Let’s show the world who you are!

You’re both professionals and you work long hours. Maybe you’ve put off a redesign because you can’t find the time and don’t agree on where to start? We’ll find a way to showcase both of your personalities.

Are you super busy but still want a beautiful home? We’ll create a home that matches the exact way that you want to live.

Are you so busy you don’t really want to think about decorating? Let us do the legwork for you. We’ll create a home where you can entertain, be comfortable and always have a good time.

Have you traveled extensively and would now like a home to feature all of those treasures? We’ll incorporate your precious collections. They tell the story of who you are.


Debbie Talianko

Allied ASID, Certified Interior Designer, #6393

Debbie is an accomplished residential interior designer, speaker and industry mentor whose firm has perfected the design of casually elegant interiors.


A San Diego native who grew up near the cliffs of Point Loma, Talianko travelled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America and received a Diploma with Distinction in Professional Interior Design from Rhodec International in London.  She’s inspired by the intricacy of landscapes, Renaissance architecture and closer to home, the color palettes and feeling of serenity she derives from the mountains and beaches that surround her family’s home in Sierra Madre.


“I love classic design but without all the fuss.

I’d define my style as transitional – clean, calm and casual.”


Whether managing a complete home renovation, a formal living room design or a kitchen upgrade, her aesthetic is defined by order and fluidity; incorporating relaxed silhouettes, fine fabrics and traditional or modern furnishings that are meticulously crafted.  Her passion for the design process allows her to create consistent results for clients who expect a custom interior that lets them feel like themselves at home.


In 2012, Talianko was elected Chair of Pasadena’s California Home & Kitchen Tour, a showcase that features the American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) most distinguished designers.


“I’m intuitive when it comes to people.

My designs are all about how a room makes you feel.”


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising FIDM 

“Marketing Interior Design”

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising FIDM 

“Public Speaking”

Debbie L. Talianko

Certified Interior Designer, #6393, Allied ASID

Natalie J. Lord

Junior Interior Designer, Allied ASID

Katie V.  Kelly


Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

An initial face to face meeting is the best way for us to get to know each other. Later, in our first planning meeting, we’ll want to listen to your ideas, and look at drawings and photos you may have. We really want to know your hopes and dreams for your design project. Once we have a solid understanding of your vision, we’ll go to work on making your dreams a reality.

What will your services cost?

We are flexible in our approach to pricing our services. We generally work on a flat fee for full service projects. This fee is directly related to the size of each project. We find that this arrangement is what makes people the most comfortable because we are not billing by the hour and creating an “open-ended” situation.

What are your qualifications?

Debbie L. Talianko is a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California. She has 15 years of experience in the industry. Debbie is also President Elect for her ASID Pasadena CA Chapter, a national organization for the design industry. Our design team has over 20 years of work experience collectively.

How involved in the process will I need to be?

You may be involved as little or as much as you like in the process. We enjoy and encourage your participation but rest assured, we’re capable to handling everything for you if that’s what you prefer!

Do you work with other trade professionals?

We work in harmony with Architects, General Contractors and Landscape Designers and can make recommendations for all. This collaboration, which is called the “Design-Build Process”, is a cost effective way to create your dream project. Be sure to form your entire team before committing designs and ideas to paper.

How long does the process take?

Our initial research and development phase varies according to the complexity of your project; however, in most cases we will make a presentation to you within a few weeks.  This will include our design concept, space plans, color scheme, key fabrics and furnishings, and an initial budget.


After your approval, we’ll move into design implementation.  This includes all working drawings and the final proposals of  items to be handled through our office.

How does purchasing work?

You are welcome to do your own purchasing but we work with hundreds of vendors at the wholesale level. We price on a cost-plus basis, which means in almost every case, your purchases will be less than retail.

What other services do you offer?

We also offer “Design By The Day”- both full and  half-day packages for consultation.

Have more questions? Download our “What To Expect” PDF or simply Contact Us.