16 “Must Haves” for Your Make-Shift Kitchen

05 Jun 16 “Must Haves” for Your Make-Shift Kitchen

Summer’s here and that means…It’s Construction Season!

Here’s a list of 16 essentials you’ll need to set up a working kitchen on your patio or in a space in your house. Why not eat healthy while you wait for that beautiful new kitchen to be built? With a little planning,  you can be quite comfortable.


1. A few cooking utensils

2. Camping lanterns

3. Candles

4. Matches

5. Paper Everything! Take a break from dishes. (Otherwise, you may be bending over the bathtub.)


Small Appliances

6. Microwave

7. Electric Skillet

8. Keurig Machine

9. Crock Pot

10. Mini Fridge

11. Ice chest

12. BBQ

13. Picnic table and benches if you’re on the patio or a small folding table and chairs if you’re staying in.  Use a second (folding) table for cooking.)


14.  Here’s a book series for crockpot cooking you may enjoy. It’s called Fix It and Forget It!


15. For healthy living to help relieve stress, plant a patio herb garden. Enjoy the scent of fresh herbs all summer long and add them to your home cooking!


TIP** If you’ve got an extra room in the house away from the action, it may be possible to set it up with gas and running water. If the room happens to back up to a bathroom, ask your contractor to set up a laundry sink and run a line for water from the bathroom. If you also happen to have a gas line nearby, you might be able to place the old range in the room too. Make sure your contractor says it is safe and be sure to ventilate properly.

16. How about giving yourself a break from time to time with fresh food delivery?  Try Munchery.com

Life is good.  Bon Appetite!