Rules of Thumb for Your New Closet

23 Apr Rules of Thumb for Your New Closet

…and speaking of Spring Cleaning–How long has it been since you’ve reorganized your closet? How about treating your self to a brand new closet? I‘d like to introduce our favorite closet expert–Stanley Selwyn of Closet Factory. Stanley has worked with our clients for many years and his products are top notch.

Here are some of Stanley’s rules of thumb to follow when creating your new closet configuration.

Hanging Space

Minimum Depth =24” if hanging inside of a closed cabinet with doors. Less if not.

Minimum Height= 41” for a single row; 84” for a double hanging row

Minimum Height= 66″ for dresses

Shoe shelves=allow 12″ for women’s shoes; 14” for men’s shoes

Walk In Closets

Minimum aisle width= 30″


Be mindful of the corners. Doors and drawer swings should be planned carefully.


And Did You Know… that Closet Factory offers a paintable MDF within their line?  This means you can have the beauty of a custom painted wood but not break your budget! MDF is actually stronger than wood and offers a better finish than painted wood!

Here’s a link to Closet Factory for more information.

And if you’d like to reach Stanley directly, his direct number is (310) 710-3255.