Spring Cleaning and All That it Brings

02 Apr Spring Cleaning and All That it Brings

Growing up, my mother would always get a burst of energy at this time of year and start clearing out the clutter. Thoroughly cleaning to the backs of closets and drawers, weeding out clothes that were forgotten, etc. were part of a weeks long process around our house.

Did you know that dust is the number one killer of fabric? That’s right. Upholstery, drapery and shades, even carpeting can be destroyed by too much dust.

And for people like me who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma, having dust and pollen free air is doubly important to family life.

Here are some products to help you maintain a dust free environment in your home.


Here’s a short video on what to watch for when purchasing an air purifier.


Here’s an article on what to look for when you buy and how to maintain your ceiling, wall or floor air filters.


So, now that you’ve got a handle on keeping your home’s air clean, let’s open the windows and let in the fresh air with a whole house fan. Not only will it quickly replace old air with new, if used strategically, it can cool your home and dramatically cut down your electric bill! Here’s an article on what they are and how to install them.

So and breathe easier and enjoy this shiny new time of year!