27 Jan 7 Products for Health and Wellness

Our approach to designing for the mind, body and soul.

You’ll be hearing a lot about wellness building in the near future. It’s a distinct method of incorporating scientifically verified principles of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness into buildings and interiors in order to support your health and well-being. We think it’s a good idea to adapt it to how we design for our residential clients now! After all, we strive to give our clients a place that they can love, be restored and feel inspired by every day.

Here are 7 products, one for each of the 7 categories of wellness that we think are worth talking about.


Good ventilation is important in every home. Ridding our air of smoke, moisture, cooking odors and other indoor pollutants promotes good pulmonary health. One of our favorite products is the Panasonic Whisper. Panasonic offers several models depending on the size of the room and individual requirements. This one offers a motion sensor to automatically turn the fan on when you enter the room.

 CalGreen Compliant Panasonic Whisper Sense



Artwork that brings water into a space can be soothing and create a sense of calm. Here’s one of our favorites.

Ancient Harbor Scene by Linda Sarkissian Decorative Art


Good quality refrigeration can save you money and supports sustainability efforts, The average family in the US throws away $2,000 worth of food every year. Did you know that with good refrigeration, food can last 1-4 times longer? Invest in the best you can afford.

Subzero-Wolf Video Series   http://www.subzero-wolf.com/videos


Consider adding smart home features to your remodeling list such as Lutron’s Smart Home Controls. Interior lighting can be programmed to fit your biological clock—helping you be more well-rested and productive—or gives you control over individual schedule needs. Here’s a quick video introducing Caseta from Lutron!

Caseta Wireless Smart Home Products


We are often asked to incorporate space for a home gym or workout space. Make sure to include storage for small weights, mats and towels. It’s The total experience to feed mind, body and soul. Here’s a piece we used for a home gym just recently. A television could sit on top of this cabinet as well.

Stanley Preserve-Pavillion Media Console


Ok, no one wants to talk about toilets but here’s something you should know. As we age, it becomes important to consider features that make us not only safer but also comfortable.   A “comfort height” toilet seat, which is 19 inches high, can be much easier on our knees!

Kohler’s Cimarron “Comfort Height” Toilet


Treating the mind is probably the most important element when designing your home. Make sure you bring nature into every space. Being connected to nature in our home is key to finding balance and a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Peace Lily plants have a calming presence and can also reduce the levels of toxins in the air.