28 Sep Building with Wellness in Mind

DID YOU KNOW that we spend about 93 percent of our time indoors?

Shocking, isn’t it?

Think about that for a minute.  No sun, no fresh air, constant noise from our electronics, etc.

Since we  humans are impacted significantly by our surroundings – and if our surroundings are mostly indoors – doesn’t it follow that we should make sure that we are impacted in a positive way?

Interior Design has the power to transform lives and this incredible impact should be focused on the sustainability of the person in the built environments they inhabit.

At Talianko Design Group, we look at the 7 Concepts of Wellness as our guide when designing a home.

Here are the 7 concepts of Wellness:


We have developed a list of design features that promote health and wellness and that can enrich our client’s lives on a daily basis.

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