What Exactly Do We Do?

11 Jan What Exactly Do We Do?

Cartoon DesignerThis is a question that we hear often.  “How do you work?”  “What exactly do you do?”  In this article, I’d like to share some insight about the day-to-day design process.  I will show you examples of how we interact with our clients as well as the types of documents we prepare for our clients, building departments and our contractors.

1. Research and Tools

We start with trying to discover all that we can about you, your lifestyle and the way you use the rooms in your home.  We like tools such as Houzz.com idea books and online questionnaires. We’ll walk through your home with you and listen to you tell us what you love and don’t love about the way it functions.  And we’ll take lots of notes.  Here are some examples of our tools:

Houzz Ideabook As A Tool

Lifestyle Interview

2.  Planning and Sourcing

With your help, we are ready to start planning and allocating the budget.  This is your investment into your home and we take that very seriously.  We are very detailed in how we approach this process.  Here is an example of budget that we created for our client:

Sample Preliminary Budget Sheet

3. The Creative Process

After we have gathered the information that we need, we’ll spend a great deal of time developing a design scheme for you, based on our research and preliminary budget.  We will measure, draft and source everything necessary to complete your rooms.  You get to sit back and enjoy the peace you’ll have knowing we are handling all of the legwork and a lot of the details so you won’t have to!

When the creative process is complete, we will present a number of items to you in order to share our vision with you.  Along with physical samples of the materials we propose, we will share mood boards, story boards, space plans, plumbing and lighting plans, and sometimes renderings in 3D to help you understand our perspective.

Examples of Our Drawings

Example of a Project From “Before” to Presentation to Final Result

4. Project Implementation

From this point, construction begins, product and material orders are under way and your dream for your new home is becoming a reality.  We work closely with your contractor and other team members to ensure a smooth process.  We are always available for questions, revisions, whatever is needed along the way.  We’ll coordinate deliveries for you so that you are not inconvenienced any more than necessary.

When everything is complete and your new furnishings have been installed, we’ll walk with you through the project site with a punch list to ensure no detail is left unattended.

Other Finished Project Photo

Thanks for visiting.  We hope to hear from you soon!

“Our goal is that you enjoy the experience as much as your new home”.