Tips for Creating Outdoor Spaces

08 Sep Tips for Creating Outdoor Spaces

It’s only September and in Los Angeles, we are just beginning our hottest season.  Why not enjoy it?  Is your patio ready for you to unwind and relax?  Take a look at our latest photos posted to our website.  The category is “Patios and Outdoor Spaces”.

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Here are three tips to freshen up your outdoor space:

(1)  Choose a color scheme that works with your interior palette.  You want the outside to become an extension of the inside.

(2)  Use solid fabrics on the larger pieces like chairs or a sofa.  Bring in patterns on your pillows and accessories.  These can be changed out as you tire of them or even for different seasons or occasions.

(3)  Start with the hardest item to find first.  In this case, it may be an outdoor rug.  It is easier to find fabrics for pillows than rugs.

Now, open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, sit back and enjoy your evening!