Pet Friendly Fabrics

24 Mar Pet Friendly Fabrics

Meet Bella


Meet Bella.  She’s our Pride and Joy.  But even at a whopping 8-1/2 pounds, she can cause quite a stir!  Pets can create their own set of challenges in home design.  Well, rest easy.  Help is on the way!  Now, more than ever, you have plenty of choices in the fabrics you use for your home’s interiors.

The textile industry continues to produce beautiful fabrics which can be used both inside and out.  Some are made from solution dyed acrylic (such as Sunbrella) and are virtually, indestructible.  This is because the yarn is started as a liquid which is colored all the way through.  You can pour bleach on these types of fabrics and the color is not affected!  Most are machine washable/line dry.

There are also types of fabric treatments which help to make fabrics “pet friendly”  One of these is Crypton. Crypton is a process of creating a moisture seal on a fabric so that liquids will not penetrate and stains are resisted. Watch How Its Made

Nanotex is another type of protection that can be applied to your treasured fabrics.  Here’s Proof  Coffee, wine, grape juice, whatever you want to throw at it will not saturate this barrier.

So don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered!



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