What’s Up With My Dishwasher?

04 Sep What’s Up With My Dishwasher?

iStock_000019980183_ExtraSmallHave you noticed that your dishes don’t feel clean and the glassware looks filmy?  This is due to the fact that dishwashing detergent companies like Cascade, for instance, have removed the phosphates from their formulas.  It seems ironic that to make a product safer, it appears that we are now ingesting a residue left on our dishware that the detergents (with the phosphate) used to remove!  Well, I called my local repairman (Spenser’s Appliance Repair in Pasadena, CA) to inquire about the problem.   They told me about  a trick to overcome the residue that is left by the newly formulated dishwasher detergents. Place one of your dirty glasses or coffee mugs face up on the bottom rack.  Fill it with about a quarter cup of distilled vinegar.  Run your normal wash cycle and… presto!  Your dishes will be sparkling again in no time!  Sorry Maytag…we’re still doing fine!