Where to Begin a Design Project

13 Aug Where to Begin a Design Project

Clipboard and checklistKnowing where to begin is sometimes the hardest part of decorating! Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you begin:

  • What mood or feeling do I want my room to have?
  • What style would I need in order to achieve that mood?
  • Do I have a special “inspiration piece” with which to work around?

(This can mean a piece of art, a favorite chair, etc.)

  • What color(s) can I bring in from an adjacent room to create a better flow?
  • Where will the focal point of the room be?

Once you have answered these basic questions, you will have a more defined idea of what the direction you need to go in order to achieve the look you’re after. Don’t forget to collect pictures from decorating magazines to help you decide your likes and dislikes. Make notes along the way.