The Indoor Environment Part 2 -Paint

11 Aug The Indoor Environment Part 2 -Paint

Notice that the gasoline you put in your car can give you a headache?  Paint can have the same affect. Have you noticed that the “new paint” smell lingers for weeks or even months?  The odor you smell is created by the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in paint. If you can smell it, you are also breathing it. And the toxins in oil-based paints are linked to all kinds of health problems from headache to cancer.

1.         Try to use water based paints with low or no VOCs and always wear protective gear while working.

2.         Store these items properly.  Do not mix products.  Use plenty of ventilation while using these products and for sometime afterward to clear the room of these toxins.

3.         Throw away old containers.  Gases can still leak from closed cans and bottles.

4.         Buy smaller quantities.  You can always buy more if you need to.

All of these changes take very little effort but can have a dramatic effect on your health and on your home’s environment.

Start at home, start today!