A Word About The Budget

06 Aug A Word About The Budget

Most people begin a decorating or remodeling project with a round dollar figure in mind as their budget. This may or may not be a realistic number. It may be based upon the amount you have set aside in the bank or it could be a number that you have in your mind. To begin creating a budget, it is best to begin with an “overall” picture of your decorating project(s). If you are planning to do multiple rooms, try to come up with a list of all changes; construction, furniture, paint, etc. needed for each room and then try to prioritize your list by room. In doing so, you will save yourself a great deal of unexpected expense.


Debbie Talianko offers to her clients, a budget worksheet as part of a Project Started Kit, which helps to “think through” the process of calculating the true cost of a design project. 

If you would like a copy of this worksheet, please contact us at (626) 836-2935 or email us with your request at info@taliankodesigngroup.com